Support Desk Plugin

Update: The sale for the Support Desk plugin for WordPress is live at just $10.00 for a little while longer.

This plugin fully integrates with WordPress and gives it support desk capabilities.

It will then rise to $17.00, and then again to $47.

Buy now


This plugin will allow you to CHARGE for support via a 3rd party membership plugin.

As well as a support desk, you also get full knowledgebase and troubleshooter functionality.

o Support Tickets
o Full WP integration
o Knowledgebase (also includes categories)
o Simple Troubleshooters
o Knowledgebase, Categories and Troubleshooters in WP menus
o Editable emails
o Ticket filters and selection for support staff
o Multiple support desk staff
o User MUST be logged in to WP to submit ticket
o User can select the staff member (admins can change)
o User can upload multiple files to support ticket
o Tickets added and edited using WP built in TinyMCE editor
o and more…

One of the reasons behind this plugin is I’ve had several people ask me over the years if there was any way they could CHARGE for support.

It seems this is particularly important to many people, including consultants who charge by the hour and want to make sure money has changed hands before they do the work.

And the way you can do this is because this plugin is fully integrated with WordPress, it means you can opt to use a third party membership plugin to manage and charge your customers.

In other words you can make sure that only your genuine customers can get access to the support desk.

Not being able to charge for support has been a real frustration for many people, myself included.

Let me give you a really annoying (for me at least) example. Even more annoying is this happened a few times to me before I started checking up on who I was dealing with.

After spending easily a couple of hours of my own time puzzling over a problem someone had with one of my plugins and a certain theme, and then asking the programmer to make some changes which weren’t really necessary…

I updated and uploaded the plugin zip and told the guy who was having the problem to re-download it as it would solve it for him.

He came back to me and said he couldn’t as the page wasn’t there any more.

After a few questions, it turns out I was giving support to someone who had bought the plugin from someone else on another site – this wasn’t even a resale rights plugin I’d sold – it was one of my key products.

In other words, I was helping someone who was using a pirate copy.  :roll:

For a while now, I’ve been checking to see if each person who raises a support ticket is a genuine customer of mine, and not some “randomer” as my children like to put it.

Unless I know the person well it can take a few minutes to track them down.


This issue has been niggling away at me for a long time, and I eventually decided to do something about it and so it’s culminated in this first version of the plugin.

More info including a video showing how it all works is to follow.


-Frank Haywood

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Plugin Great Membership

The first year of the Plugin Great membership is about to come to an end in a few days, and I think it’s all gone rather well.

My wife suggested I run a special to mark this first year, so starting today at 6.00pm GMT and for a further 48 hours I’m offering the same stunning launch deal as I did last year.

If you’re a new subscriber, then the deal is you pay either an annual or a monthly fee and you then get all my plugins and themes as I release them included.

That means that from today at 6.00pm GMT and then for 48 hours you can join up for just $17 / month (normally $27) saving yourself $10/month.

But better than that is the annual option at $97 / year (normally $147).

That’s less than half the price of monthly and saves you $107 over the year.

In other words it works out to just a smidgeon over $8 per MONTH for access to a big back catalogue of plugins PLUS all other plugins and themes I release for 12 months from when you join.

If you buy the annual membership deal.

Pretty cool I think.

I don’t mind which one you go for – it’s entirely up to you – but these membership options are a one-off. This is because in 48 hours I’m putting the annual price back up to $147, and the monthly to $27.

If you’re one of the many people who buy almost everything I release, then the annual option is the best one for you, but if you prefer to pay monthly and see “how it goes” that’s okay too.

Either one beats the $10 per PRODUCT option.  ;-)

When the 48 hours is up I’ll raise the prices and close the deal.

You can find out all the details here on the sales page, please remember this starts at 6.00pm GMT…

And if you have any questions about this, then please ask them here.

-Frank Haywood

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Ebook Marketing 101

I recently had an email from a customer, Jefferson O I, which I answered and thought might be useful to other people who have the same interests.

He’s asked if I knew about any software that would help promote and assist in the sales of books, and this is my reply. I’ve also added a little bit more content to this version you’re reading here.


I don’t have or know of any software that directly markets your ebooks. My personal approach to this though is to create a publishing site and send all traffic there.

I know that doing it this way is very important as its Marketing 101. You own the site and you control what’s going on and not Facebook or Amazon or anyone else.  ;-)

The reason is, if you don’t own the site then any work you may do is building content on their sites and they can pull the plug on you at any time and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I also recommend you build a publisher site rather than an author site as that then gives you room to produce multiple types of books using pseudonyms. You can then allocate a portion of that site to each author.

To me this looks much more professional and lends an air of credibility to your site even if you’re a one-man-band.

Very importantly, you MUST start list building immediately if you weren’t directly planning to do so. Everyone that even looks at your ebook you want to attempt to capture on one of your mailing lists.

What I mean by this is that assuming you’re selling on Amazon, then when people take a peek inside your book, then right in the first few pages should be a nice big graphic that can’t be missed and a call to action to join your list to get a free something that you know the person would want.

It has to be a high perceived value to the reader. Anyone clicking through would then get an optin form to get their freebie, and right away you have a freebie seeker on your list that could potentially be turned into a customer.

Anyone that does buy your book should also see another call to action at the end of the book to get them to sign up to a customer list – give them something useful and related. You know they’re a customer because a freebie seeker can’t see the end of the book on Amazon so couldn’t possibly join your customer list.

You should have different prospect and customer lists for every book so that you can address each list correctly.

You can then send emails to the freebie seekers to gently ease them into buying your book(s).

Of course you should be list building on your site too and enrolling anyone that visits it by offering them a relevant freebie.

As you release new books, then you can write to the relevant prospect and customer list and tell them there’s a new related book available. Instant sales!

These are the two most important aspects of your marketing and will account for 80% of your marketing success.

#1 – Own the site.
#2 – Build separate prospect and customer mailing lists.

If you don’t do these two things, then everything else will almost be a waste of time as you’ll be constantly relying on new customers when your existing customers will be there and waiting if you can contact them.

I’ve seen lots of author sites located on or other free web sites, and not one of them has had an optin form, let alone a strong call to action.  So they don’t own the site and they’re not building a mailing list.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Many of these authors have several books released and they’re struggling, some without sales for months unless they’re paying for promotions. Crazy.

In the early days if I was you I wouldn’t bother with any kind of social marketing until you have a substantial list of several hundred customers and prospects – it’s just not worth the effort. Maybe a Twitter account would do as an announce method, but it really isn’t necessary if you have customers on your mailing list.

Get your customers to leave reviews and also to socially share your site and Amazon pages – tell them it all helps to motivate you to write more and that you’d really appreciate any help that they could give you. Some people WILL always help if you ask nicely, and be more motivated if you give them something useful, and speak to their hearts.

One other thing.

Your sales page on Amazon is exactly that – a sales page.  Make sure you have a very interesting and intriguing description of your book and that you get people *excited* about owning it.

Again, this is Marketing 101.  ;-)


I hope this helps give you a better perspective of the first steps to take to market your books.

-Frank Haywood

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Active Cloud Store Plugin

Update: The sale for the Active Cloud Store plugin is now live at just $17.00.

Buy now


With all the recent discussion about “cloud this” and “cloud that,” as well as my backup tutorials course, I thought this was an appropriate time to release Active Cloud Store.

The reason you want this plugin is to prevent those situations where you get told “I’ve lost my download, can you send me the link again please?”

Personally I’m quite organised in that respect, but I do know it’s a problem for some.  ;-)

What it does in a nutshell, is enable you to create download buttons for customers and clients to download files direct to their DropBox or Google Drive accounts.

Pretty cool eh? It gets better though.

It also optionally supports Amazon S3 to secure your downloadable files and prevent unauthorised downloads. There’s a little bit of tweaking you need to do to your Amazon S3 account to make this work, but it only takes a few moments and a copy and paste in your bucket rules.

You’ll also need to spend a few moments generating a DropBox app key, but this is also very easy to do and full instructions are provided on how to do it, plus there’s a link in the plugin admin that take you right to where you need to be.

What this all means is an additional convenience to your customers and clients so that they don’t “lose” their downloads on one of their hard drives. The files just go direct to their cloud storage and will then replicate on their desktop computers that have the DropBox or Google Drive software running.

I actually think that’s cooler than cool, but then that’s my propellor head in action. Ahem…

In case you didn’t know, you can get a free 2GB DropBox and also a free 15GB Google Drive, and run them both together at the same time on your computer, as well as any other cloud storage services you may have.

So a little bit of education for your customers will go a long way in this respect and could save you and them some headaches and time.


-Frank Haywood

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How To Backup ALL Your Web Sites

Update: The pre-order sale for the Backup Tutorials Course is now live at just $9.97 for the first 24 hours.

It will close on Friday 26th and then re-open on Saturday 27th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at $17.00, and then later rise to $27.

Buy now


How would you like to know how to backup all your web sites automatically every day, using ALL FREE or very low cost tools and services?

Yes, you read that right, there will be no more need for expensive site backup services.

Probably one of the worst things you can discover as an online business owner is that one of your web sites is down. Either it’s been corrupted by a hard drive failure on your web server, or it’s been hacked and defaced.

If you don’t have backups then it’s a total disaster.

How would you like to know for sure that your web sites are being backed up, and that you have daily backups of all of them being delivered directly to your desktop? Or optionally to a remote FTP server at another location? And optionally to your Amazon S3 account?


Sounds good?

I’ll show you how.

When you consider that most people pay a small fortune every month for their non-guaranteed automated backups, what you’re going to learn will give you both peace of mind and save your pocket too.

Yep, many people are either paying their hosting company almost double for additional storage and backups, or they’re paying third parties for a site backup service. (Did you know that most hosts don’t do backups for you?)

And the nasty thing is, neither of the above options *guarantees* the safety of your backups. I’ve read many horror stories of people asking their host to restore a backup that they’ve paid to be taken, and being told it was corrupt and to use their own backups instead.

It happened to me nearly 10 years ago. Luckily I did have a usable backup, but I still then had to apply the additional changes I’d made since I’d taken it. No real harm done, but several hours of my life gone.

Of course it can be a lot worse.

So. On Saturday I’m releasing a short course as a series of videos and an ebook which will teach you how to backup your sites automatically and then FTP them to your desired FTP server, INCLUDING your desktop computer. And optionally to an Amazon S3 account too.

The course will show you how to achieve this using ALL FREE software and PHP scripts.

Once you’ve got past the hurdles of your initial system set up, then setting up automated backups will take you around 10-15 minutes per site. And once it’s done you can mostly forget about it. (You might want to check up on it every few days until you’re confident.)

I believe that it’s something that everyone needs to know, and I’ve done all the hard work to puzzle it out. Now all you need to do is follow the course through and apply it to your own web sites.

I’ll show you how to set everything up to do your backups safely and securely and all it will cost is your time.

And you’ll know *exactly* where your backups are.

For 24 hours starting today (25th September) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m accepting PRE-ORDERS for this course at just $9.97. The price at release will cost substantially more than this, so now’s your chance to get it at the lowest price it will ever be available.


-Frank Haywood

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